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Don Rogers
President of USA Industries

On behalf of our staff and the many resources we work with, it's our goal to provide our customers with embroidered patches at the highest quality and yet at reasonable prices. When we started this company in 1994 our goal was not only to provide good quality patches but also offer the very best in friendly customer service. Our large customer base reflects that we had the right idea.

Our goal is to reach as many potential customers as possible. Here's an Opportunity! Through the years, we've built relationships with friends that have become our local representatives. Our friends make some extra money while finding new patch customers using our resources. If that's something your interested in, let's talk about it. There is an unlimited number of potential prospects that prefer working with someone local. If you enjoy helping others fulfill their need for patches, we can assist you in providing all the resources and pricing to make some extra income as you find new potential customers.

Our success has come from our customers that realize the advantages of using patches instead of direct embroidery. Direct embroidery can be so expensive and once you damage the apparel it's gone forever. Patches are less expensive and can be transferred to other garments should you damage or just wear out a specific item. Any organization or business that wants their brand proudly displayed is a potential customer. That's why you'll see so many patches in our gallery from all sorts of customers.

I look forward to meeting and visiting with so many people as I try and tell the embroidered patch story and how it can enhance your particular need.
Welcome to USA Industries of Oklahoma. Inc.
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