Process to obtain a quote on an existing patch or your new creation
To duplicate an existing patch (even with some changes) a color copy or the sample patch is all we need.
For new designs, give us some art work. It doesn't need to be to size, just tell us the dimensions. Even a rough drawing can be converted by our artists to instruct the factory as to what you want. You'll approve the art before we order.
Choose the type border you want. A Marrow border (thread wrapped around the edge) or a Laser cut (which appears to have no border) Your choice. No difference in price.
Choose the backing you prefer. We recommend a thin plastic backing that keeps the patch from wrinkles and prolongs it's life. We offer other backs such as Heat Seal, Velcro, and if you insist, no backing at all.
Have in mind the number of patches you want and the actual dimensions you desire. (Both affect the price) Our minimum order (50 Patches) is the most expensive with price breaks as your size order increases. Our price breaks come at quantities of 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 750, and 1000. Price breaks continue after each 1000 patch quantity you may need. (Allow 30-45 days for production)
Patches are made two ways. They are either 100% stitching where the background color is also all stitches or they come with a colored twill background and the design and lettering is stitched on top of the twill. All stitches is a little more expensive.
Keep in mind that even with today's technology small intricate designs are difficult when applied to thread. You'll get better definition and your patch will be easier to read if you stay with block type lettering and avoid real small detail.
Then just give us a call or email us some art. Its easy!
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